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We offer Flexible Payment Options

When Dr. Wenderoth graduated from Dental School nearly thirty years ago his father had some advice for him. He said, “I know you have worked hard and are a great orthodontist, but you have to remember that it all means nothing if you don’t make what you do affordable for families.” Dr. Wenderoth’s parents sacrificed and prioritized to provide for their family, and he has never forgotten those words after all these years. He realizes that financing the investment of orthodontic care is often the biggest concern a family has when considering treatment.

At River Falls Orthodontics, we never want your financing to get in the way of the treatment you need. By offering the most flexible payment plans in Simpsonville, LaurensFountain Inn, Five Forks and Mauldin, we strive to make braces, Invisalign, and any other service affordable for anyone. We have been an anchor in this community for decades and have been successful in part by helping families find comfortable, easy ways to finance their care. You truly can rest easy, because the choices are yours, and your plan will be tailored to fit your budget.  It’s important to us.

Here are some things that might be helpful to know:

  1.  Down payments can be reduced as low as $250 and even broken into multiple payments.
  2.  We offer a courtesy for paying in full at the beginning of treatment.
  3.  We offer options for in-house 0% financing.
  4.  We can extend monthly payments up to 36 months so they will comfortably fit in your budget.
  5.  We accept all insurance plans and will file the paperwork for you.  We can also create a special payment schedule to help you take maximum advantage of your Flex Spending Account.
  6.  We offer a courtesy for the privilege to treat a second family member, and we double that courtesy for a third!
  7.  You may access your account online for your convenience.

Schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation with us today, and let us show you just how affordable braces can be!

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