i-Cat® Flx 3D Imaging

The i-CAT FLX is an innovative imaging system that helps orthodontists quickly and easily collect 3D images of one’s teeth, jaw, and entire facial structure. This technology allows orthodontists to easily give patients a more precise diagnosis for treatment. 

What does the i-CAT FLX provide data for? 

The i-CAT FLX allows orthodontists to see the big picture of your orthodontic needs. This cutting-edge technology can help orthodontists diagnose and develop treatment plans for the following:

  • Orthodontic treatment 
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatment
  • Assess airways for sleep apnea treatment

Advantages of i-CAT FLX 3D Imaging Technology

There are many advantages to the i-CAT FLX imaging system that help us provide each patient with expert orthodontic treatment. These advantages include:

  • Images are completed in one eight-second scan, giving your orthodontist enough data to develop an individualized treatment plan.
  • The advanced image technology provides both 3D and 2D images for your orthodontist to review.
  • The technology safely provides a complete 3D image of a patient’s smile at a lower radiation dose than a 2D panoramic X-ray
  • Patients are seated in an open space for optimal relaxation and comfortability during the scan.
  • This system minimizes patient movement during the scan, reducing the need for retakes.
  • Our orthodontists are able to select the appropriate scan for each patient’s needs, achieving an “ALARA” (as low as reasonably achievable) radiation dose. The safety of our patients is always our primary focus during treatment.

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